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PCS Price - ¥ 23.1

CTN Price - ¥ 231


* Automatic power-on type on the scale. After power-on, the display will display "8888" and wait for a while and then display "0.0" before weighing.

* Note: If the weight is displayed on the ground when the machine is turned on, this data is the weight of the glass, and it can be used after it is turned off automatically.

* A person stands steadily in the middle of the scale and starts weighing. After the weighing value is stable, the display will flash to lock the weighing value.

* There are buttons to select "KG" and "LB" at the bottom of the scale, which can be selected according to requirements.

* If the machine displays "LO", it means the battery is low, and the battery needs to be replaced.

* When "---" is displayed during weighing, it means a weighing error, please re-weigh.

* Keep dry and do not touch water.



* Don't pile up debris on the scale when not in use to avoid massive battery consumption.

* When weighing, try to stand firm with your feet in the middle to avoid slipping.

* People should stand steadily on the scale to avoid being unable to lock and display incorrectly.

* Do not hit the scale body hard.

Model: 2003B

Packing number: 10pcs/carton

Range weighing: 5-180kg

Graduation value: 0.1kg

Single product weight: 2kg

Glass is divided into 8mm and 6mm

Product size: 33cm and 26cm in diameter

Display mode: 4-digit LCD display

 Power supply: 3V CR2032 lithium battery

Boot mode: weight boot

Working temperature: 10-35 degrees Celsius

 Weighing unit: KG/LB

Automatic shutdown: 10 seconds

Low voltage display: "LO"

 Error display: "---"

Overweight display: "0-Ld"

Features: High-precision weighing sensor, 4-digit LCD display, automatic zero reset, automatic shutdown function, low voltage and overload prompt function, 1 piece of CR2032 battery, large screen display, high-quality tempered glass, safe and secure to use


Please Note : All Prices are FOB NYBizz Warehouse China

Product Code NYB-298
MWP (PCS Price) ¥ 27.3
PCS Price ¥ 23.1
Brand OEM
MWP (CTN Price) ¥ 273
CTN Price ¥ 231
Net Weight(1 CTN) 17
Gross Weight(1 CTN) 18.5
CBM(1 CTN) 0.05
MOQ(1 CTN) 5
Quantity in Box 10
20 Ft Container QTY 560
40 Ft Container QTY 1360
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