NYBizz is very good?

Stories is a Advertsing booster which provide product in first in customer eyes .?

NYBIZZ All updates means customer get all suppliers updates which they post for goods . Post have diffrent 4 kind of Updates styles 1.Photo 2.Video 3.Quick Buy 4.Links?

Customer Side : Customer can see All New Product Photo which updated by supplier every day and can choose New Product and contact supplier directly . Supplier side : Supplier can Upload all his new products which supplier want to show to the clients. Its very easy to way to get new products showcase to whole world?

Customer : Video Feed can provide Full Range of product information . so customer can see product video and can choose his type of product immediately . Video is also one kind of source that can provide all product information in details.?

Supplier : Video Feed can help Supplier to showcase there products in very easy way and expalin there quality and product information . Video can make 10 times more angaggements forcustomer its easy to choose products and make order faster?

Customer : Qucik Buy is a new feature in our app its Provide all products deatails example ; 1 ctn how many pcs , 1 ctns how much weight , 1 ctn how much cbm , and each pcs price , its helps for customer to calculate freight and ready to ship the product shipment , Quick buy is coming in two version 1. Photo 2. Video , its help to wholesaller buyes they can close deal in very fast way?

Supplier : Quick Buy for suppliers are key of faster sales , Quick buy Suppliers can use by two ways , 1. Photo 2. Video , Suppliers can showcase there Products via picture and Video and can also mention all information for client example , how much pcs in one ctn , how much cbm of ctn , how much weight of ctn so customer can decide quickly to buy . here also supplier can show price so buyers will attract faster?